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I really enjoyed playing this game, the art is beautiful, the story is hooking and the choices you make have a lot of influence in the story.

saying that I have a question, are there only two endings in the game or are the more?

Thank you for the kind words! There are three endings : )


Replayed a bunch of times to get the good ending, I don't have the heart to try getting a bad end. The best part of the story has to be the worldbuilding (sort of sci-fi, dystopian city) and characters, both Hornet and Emily are very well-written and complex (even with different family backgrounds). Choices in this story have more influence on the narrative than I expected :0 so props to the writer for having so much care.

The abstract, painterly art style really suits the narration and gets me to stop and think and feel, if that makes sense. Altogether, this is something that will stick in your mind afterwards.


One of, if not THE most fascinating visual novel I've played in my life - the writing, the music, and the visuals (gods, the visuals) all come together to create a must-see narrative experience that will stick with you for a long time.

This page says the game takes about an hour to play but do not let that fool you: If you're anything like me you will sit there for three hours minimum looking at the art alone, not to mention trying to get every ending.

If you're a fan of unsettling stories and incredible art, this is ABSOLUTELY the game for you. I can't recommend it enough <3


Thank you very much, that is so kind!


Such a beautiful and special game!

Thank you very much! You're an expert on those 😊